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Living in Slovenia

Second-home investment

A second home - Why not in sLOVEnia?

I’m often asked by my LinkedIn friends about investing in Slovenia. I'm no expert, but here are two articles on property - just to get a glimpse.

If you are considering investing you should perhaps check Invest Slovenia

You will find many useful inks here. Try also the Chamber of Commerce and follow Slovenia Weekly on the website of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. On a lawyer company website I have also found a very informative post Open a Company in Slovenia. There is a vibrant expat community in Ljubljana and various ways to join in.

Courtesy of Explore & enjoy Slovenia -
Get the feel about the country, its people & cuisine, and pristine nature

The Official Travel Guide of Slovenia will provide you with some basic information, you can download the Digital Catalogue of Slovenia or explore it online. There is plenty to read on Explore & enjoy Slovenia, run by Well, I like it so much that I have borrowed their map. Other two useful sites for travellers are Slovenia for you and Travel Slovenia. However, there are many more and covering Slovenia's very diverse regions - from the Alps to its Mediterranean coast and onwards through the hilly landscape to the vast Pannonian plain.

I will write about its various regions in my next posts. This is just to get a flavour of the country. As I intend to monitor the publications in the world's media on Slovenia and its people, I will try to find as many links as possible to the original news articles, blog and other website posts and videos, and publish them here in my eclectic blog and on LinkedIn. You are always welcome to contribute your thoughts and also links to the articles I may have missed. I will try to tackle different topics, covered by the international media. Here are just a few.

Bled In Your Pocket - Bled, Slovenia Highlights
Come and Taste Ljubljana - a short video
A travel blogger described his stroll around the historic centre of Ljubljana in A Day in Slovenia's Capital. Ljubljana has been named the European Green Capital 2016. At the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) global summit, held in mid-April in Madrid, Ljubljana won the Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award for 2015

Cook & Eat in Slovenia

A great site is the Best Slovene Cuisine For Most Exquisite Tastes, offering cooking workshops, food tours and recipes. You might learn some new words, such as žlikrofi, kremšnita, potica, gibanica, pršut ...

Go to the Vipava Valley for a Secret Wine Journey or dine in one of  the Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Ljubljana in 2015. Treat yourself to an adventure and Taste Ljubljana from the Sky, offered by DINNER IN THE SKY® SLOVENIJA.

 I feel sLOVEnia

Enjoy the highlights of Slovenia first and then go for Adrenaline Sports, you won't be bored!
Discover the Land of Living Water of the stunning Soča river in north-western Slovenia, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It's difficult to imagine that the Soča Valley was once part of the Isonzo Front, one of the bloodiest frontlines in WWI, which Ernest Hemingway describes in his novel A Farewell to Arms. Isonzo is Italian for Soča.
Surprisingly enough Slovenia has been under the radar for a long time and is only now being rediscovered. Yes, I'm saying re-discovered because some of its tourist attractions, such as Lake Bled and the Postojna Cave, were known in good old Yugoslavia's times. Hence the claim by Rick Steves in the Best of Slovenia that Slovenia is the least visited and most underrated of Europe's alpine countries. I must add that it has a short and beautiful Mediterranean coastline.
Enjoy the videos!

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See also my blog post Slovenia in a nutshell.
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