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    ► Willing to share my knowhow and experience ✔

    ►► Always striving for perfection ✔

    ►►► Ready for new challenges ✔

    What goes around, comes around.

  • Freelance Editor Journalist Translator Teacher Trainer ★


    With hands-on experience in:

    • printed, online and broadcasting media journalism: Delo newspaper, BBC
    • publishing
      - book promotions and marketing in English language teaching (ELT),
      editor of Center Oxford newsletter: Cankarjeva založba publishing house
    • tourism and hospitality industry: Yugotours Great Britain tour operator, Atlas Express Italy travel agent, Globtour Slovenia travel agency
    • teaching English to adults and children - holder of Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate and university degree in English
    • translating:
      ► senior translator at the European Commission ► translator and
      sub-editor at the BBC ► head of translation service at Veris ► senior
      translator and project manager at Amidas – the two major translation
      companies in Slovenia, ★ translated several books, publications and
      pieces of legislation into Slovene and English, as well as current
      affairs news articles for the English Service of the Slovene Press
      Agency (STA) ; ★ trained junior translators

    ★ Languages: Slovene, English, Italian, Croatian, French.



    ► Willing to share my knowhow and experience ✔

    ►► Always striving for perfection ✔

    ►►► Ready for new challenges ✔




    Editor, Journalist and Translator, Public Relations, Business Consulting, Training 

    May 2010 – Present



    Self-Employed, working freelance for various organisations
    - Lovski vestnik – Toronto, Canada: editing and translating articles in Slovene for a Slovene community magazine in Toronto
    - Inštitut za razvijanje osebne kakovosti, Self-esteem Development Institute - Ljubljana, Slovenia: translations into English
    - Instructional Support Services, Inc., dr. Jane Bluestein - Albuquerque, NM, USA: translations into Slovene

    DELO newspaper

    Editor and Journalist 

    Oct 2007 – Apr 2010



    DELO newspaper, national daily newspaper with the largest circulation in Slovenia
    – full-time editor (freelance contract) in the central newsroom of the Delo newspaper: responsible for the last page of the paper, also editing opinion and local pages and writing articles, including articles for the front page (from February 2009 until April 2010)
    – full-time journalist and editor (freelance contract) in the Delo internet edition: editing and writing articles on current affairs for the Delo printed and on-line editions, moderating internet forums, involved in managing special projects, e.g. National Elections 2008 (from October 2007 until January 2009)

    European Commission

    Experienced translator, acting as Deputy Head of DG Translation, Field Office Ljubljana 

    Oct 2004 – Mar 2007



    Towards the end of my appointment also took over the charge of Deputy Head of Directorate General for Translation (DGT), Field Office Ljubljana, translation of Commission's documents from English or Italian into Slovene and from Slovene into English. Revision and evaluation of translations from English or French into Slovene and from Slovene into English, done by internal and external translators. Coaching junior colleagues.

    Veris Translation Company

    Head of Translation Service, Translator 

    Nov 2002 – Oct 2004



    Organisation of translation work, managing personnel and office, contacts with clients and freelance translators, quality control of translations, training junior translators, creation of terminology glossaries and databases, translating. Following calls for tenders and preparing bids.
    Major clients: Government of the Republic of Slovenia and EU institutions, major institutions and companies.

    Oxford Center, Cankarjeva založba, Publishing House

    English Language Teaching (ELT) Consultant 

    Mar 1998 – Nov 2002



    Promotion and marketing of ELT materials through various channels, including the internet; planning and organising national promotional campaigns, including author tours, presentations, special training seminars and ELT conferences, organisation of the "Bookworms" national reading competition, involving elementary and secondary schools across Slovenia as well as university students of English, editor of the Center Oxford newsletter, writing and editing promotional materials as well as Center Oxford web pages; business correspondence and contacts with major international publishers and speakers; preparing sales reports and plans for business partners; customer relations.
    Most important partners: Mary Glasgow Magazines/ Scholastic, Cambridge University Press, Harper Collins, LTP, Penguin, Dorling Kindersley.


    Freelance translator, interpreter and teacher 

    Oct 1995 – Feb 1998



    Running own company and working as:
    - Freelance Translator and Interpreter – English, Italian, Croatian
    Covered areas: journalism, politics, law, economics, education and lexicography.
    Major clients: Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Board of Education of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovene Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAZU), Open Society Fund (Soros), Mercator, Castrol, Gospodarski Vestnik Publishing, DZS Publishing, Euro-Pacific Observer magazine; worked closely with Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., President of Instructional Support Services Inc. – I.S.S. Publications, USA, while touring Slovenia.
    - English Language Teacher, Dialog Language School
    Teaching business English to adults at all levels.

    Amidas Translation Company

    Translator and Interpreter, STA Project Manager 

    Apr 1993 – Sep 1995



    Project manager: in charge of Slovene Press Agency (STA) translation team.
    Translator and Interpreter for English and Italian.
    Major clients: STA, Government of the Republic of Slovenia, major banks, companies and institutions.

    BBC World Service - Monitoring

    Language Monitor/Sub-Editor – Slovene, Serbo-Croat 

    Feb 1992 – Mar 1993

    United Kingdom


    Monitoring the media in all newly formed states in the territory of former Yugoslavia, selecting and deriving items of news and information from them so that these could be used by the media and for further analyses, translating from vernacular languages into English and writing news programme summaries, also providing additional background information to the British media (BBC, Reuters) and government as well as to the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service (FBIS) and the US government.

    Yugotours Great Britain Ltd., Tour Operator

    Holiday Representative in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia 

    Apr 1987 – Oct 1991

    Slovenia, Italy, Croatia


    Representing the tour operator in holiday destinations in Slovenia (Bled, Kranjska Gora), Croatia (Dubrovnik) and Italy (Lido di Jesolo, Venice), and taking care of its clients during summer and winter seasons, promotional presentations and excursion sales, dealing with complaints, interpreting, organisation of events, transfers and office, administration and accounts; received regular on-the-job training in these fields.
    Fully running the resort of Lido di Jesolo–Venice in Italy for Yugotours Great Britain for three consecutive summer seasons (1989–1991).

    Atlas Express s.p.a., Travel Agency

    Incoming Manager Assistant 

    Oct 1990 – Apr 1991



    Organisation of incentive group tours in Italy, customer services, marketing and accounts, business correspondence in English and Italian. Working the winter season between my appointments as Yugotours holiday representative.

    Globtour, Travel Agency

    Tourist Guide 

    Jul 1986 – Sep 1986



    Tourist Guide for English, Italian and French groups of tourists, touring former Yugoslavia, Italy and Austria.

    Osnovna šola dr. Aleš Bebler–Primož Hrvatini, Elementary School

    English Language Teacher 

    Feb 1984 – Mar 1986



    Teaching English at primary and secondary levels.

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    ☆ ★ ☆ Let's give each other a chance! ☆ ★ ☆


    What goes around, comes around.




    Copy Writing


    News Writing


    Teaching / Training

    PR / Communications

    Promotions / Marketing



    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Faculty of Arts

    University Degree in English Language and Sociology


    Graduated in English literature with degree paper "Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: His Search for Hero", mentor Prof. Meta Grosman, Phd.
    Minored in Sociology
    Title obtained: Professor of English and Sociology


    Certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)

    Teacher Training International (TTI), London, UK


    Italian Language Certificate

    Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia




    Dr. Kevin J. Osborne

    BTh with honours, TESOL, M.A.- Ph.D.student, D.D., D.sc,.Christian Counsellor, Christian Life Coach - 2602 contacts

    Elvira is a rare caring diamond. She spent considerable time helping me improve my profile. Her wise advice on focusing on what I can offer others has resulted in many fine quality connections and doors of opportunity starting to open.

    Lidija Bertoncelj

    Senior ELT Consultant Balkan Region

    Elvira is competent, reliable, resourceful and a delight to work with.



    Translations into Slovene


    • Disciplina 21. stoletja, dr. Jane Bluestein, Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo - Board of Education at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia, 1997
    • Vzgoja brez stresa, dr. Jane Bluestein, Pleroma, 1997
    • Temelji MBA, various authors, Gospodarski Vestnik Publishing, 1996,
    • Kuhanje – nasveti in ideje, Christine France, DZS Publishing, 1998



    • Zgodovinski razvoj in sedanjost ameriške etnologije, mag.Veronica Aplenc, Etnolog, 9/1999, Vol 2
    • Parki za življenje – Akcija za zaščitena območja v Evropi, publication of the IUCN - The World Conservation Union


    Translations of Legal and Other Documents

    • Translations of EU legislation for the Government Office for European Affairs and other Slovene government offices
    • Translations for various EU institutions, including the European Commission (2004–2007)
    • Translations for major companies, banks and public institutions

    Translations into English


    • Regional Innovation strategy of Slovenia as an EU Region – National System of Innovation, Municipality of the City of Ljubljana, 2004
    • The Government of the Republic of Slovenia, 1999
    • Web Presentation for the Research Centre at the Slovene Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1998
    • Annual Report for 1996, the Research Centre at the Slovene Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1997
    • Generations of Science, the Research Centre at the Slovene Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1996
    • The Archetype of the Mountain God's Palace and the Concept of Mandala, Conference Proceedings by dr. Zmago Šmitek, 1996
    • Speech by Janez Kocijančič, Chairman of Associated List of Social Democrats, at 2nd Party Congress, Slovenj Gradec, November 25th, 1995, press release
    • News articles for the Euro-Pacific Observer magazine, 1995-96


    Translations of Legal and Other Documents

    • Statute of Castrol Slovenija d.o.o., 1996
    • Contract on Financial Business Cooperation, Castrol Slovenija d.o.o., 1996
    • Rules and Regulations on Disciplinary and Material Liability of Employees and on Suspension Order, Castrol Slovenija d.o.o., 1996
    • Job Descriptions, Castrol Slovenija d.o.o., 1996
    • Rules and Regulations on Labour Relations, Castrol Slovenija d.o.o., 1996
    • The Structure of the Slovene Monetary System, Branko Greganovič, 1994
    • Mass Emigration and Slovenes, dr. Marjan Drnovšek, 1995
    • Bank of Slovenia Annual Report 1993
    • Slovene Views on the Partnership for Peace, Vinko Vegič, the Ministry of Defence, the Strategic Studies Centre
    • Bosnia-Herzegovina - The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End of War?, dr. Anton Žabkar
    • The Role of the Population in the System of Protection Against Disaster In Slovenia (activities implemented at the beginning of 1995)
    • Introduction of Local Self-Government in the Republic of Slovenia, Stane Vlaj, 1994
    • What is the "Slovene model" of health insurance like?, 1995
    • Seminar: Organisational Models and Functions of Health Services in the Countries in Socio-Economic Transition: Present State and Prospects in Slovenia
    • Technology Policy of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Rado Bohinc, Minister, Adopted at the 119th session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, on 15 December 1994
    • Sustainable Planning in the Slovene Environmental Protection Act, Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning, Nature Conservation Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
    • The Convention on Migration Workers (Additional Provisions) of 1975, 1994
    • Working Bodies of the National Assembly
    • Law on Pension and Disability Insurance
    • Law on the Legal Profession
    • Concession Contract - The Gas Pipeline Network
    • Privatisation Methods
    • Law on Wage Rates in Public Institutions, State Bodies And Local Community Bodies, 1995
    • Law on Public Media, 1993
    • Questionnaire on the President Officer of National Parliamentary Assembly, 1995
    • Agreement on the Policy of Wages and Other Incomes of Employees in the Commercial Sector (Section of the Social Agreement), 1995
    • Law on Labour and Social Courts, 1994
    • Breaches of Conditions and Terms of Employment, Termination of Employment
    • Statute of SKB Banka d.d.
    • Risk Loan Management, SKB Banka d.d.
    • a number of contracts for various companies (Kompas Hertz Rent a Car d.d , Kompas International d.d.)
    • speeches of senior government representatives and diplomatic notes
    • news items for the Slovene Press Agency (STA) in 1993–95



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